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Kathryn Hart

Kathryn Hart is an abstract and figurative expressionist painter living in Colorado. An internationally-award winning artist, Ms. Hart actively shows in New York City, the West Coast and Europe. Her work has hung in numerous museums, most recently Estence Castle Museum (Ferrara, Italy), the Chelsea Art Museum (New York) and the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts (Las Vegas). Ms. Hart is an art award-recpient from the United Nations and a selected UN art juror. Her work is archived in the National Museum of Women in the Arts.


The heart of Kathryn Hart's work is deeply personal, but the stories are timelessly relevant. Hart's interative of construction and deconstruction reveals the painting's history, the artist's journey and her ultimate belief in renewal. What is taken away leaves a footprint, contributing to the whole as much as what remains.


Uncensored methods and use of materials gives an intriguing, funky element. The work's tactility is key to ots expression. Like a sculptor, Hart balances the painting's surface as much by touch as its visual qualities. Emerging figures through the thick, rugged surfaces enhance the sense of a submerged narratiive that lends Hart's work much of its mystery, depth and poetry.


Artist Statement:


A painting with heart should come from the gut, expose a piece of the artist in a very raw way. My works reflect the human condition, all of its crags and crevices, what we want others to see and what we hide... who we are when we are alone and our endless ability to rise from the ashes. I am guided by feeling, not a specific image in my head.


My work has evolved from revealing the physical human element to its philosophical  essense.

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