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Linda Litwin

  • Born in Dallas, Texas

  • Resides outside Philadelphia city in PA.

  • Graduate of Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music


With a violin in her hand, Linda has music in her heart.  With a camera in her hands she finds images which are reflected in her soul.  Both her music and her photography are very important to Linda; functioning as extensions and reflections of herself and the world around her.  Linda’s photography emphasizes the patterns she looks for in nature, architecture, and scenes of everyday life.  She recognizes patterns of color and line, texture and mood, shape and form, and intensity and light in sonatas as well as in slides; in partitas as well as in prints; in the black notes and white spaces of a musical composition as well as in the images of black tree trunks and white shadows on a foggy day.


Many Photographic Masters have influenced Linda.  Some of them include: Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, Annie Leibovitz, and John Shaw.  Linda’s father, an avid photographer himself, gave Linda a Kodak Brownie camera when she was seven years old and thence began her exploration of the photographic image.  In order to develop her photography skills, Linda has taken workshops focusing on Nature photography.  Seminars offered by NAPP (National Association of Professional Photographers) have also captured her attention.



2008 - Regional, National & International Perspectives” The Tori Collection Malvern, PA

2006 - Artists Space, New York, NY                 

            Radnor Township School District Faculty Group Shows

2005 - Temple Sholom, Broomall, PA


Some of Linda’s photographs have been prize winners in various competitions

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