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Michael Kehl

Born in Wisconsin.

Michael Kehl has been capturing unique photograph impressions for over 
twenty years. His works are comprised of several collections covering such 
diverse subject matter as landscapes, architecture, flora and classic 

Kehl has a singular talent for staging passion in the subjects he chooses to 
photograph and is drawn to those that to his eye possess inherent beauty.

Most recently, he has shown works at the Phillips Mill Photo Show in 
Pennsylvania and at a one-man show in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  He was 
recently recognized as Best of Show at the “Art of Freedom” charity auction 
for 9/11 families.  His fine art works are held in many private collections in 
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado, Wisconsin and 
Rome, Italy.


2008   “Regional, National and International Perspectives” The Tori Collection
2007      One Man Show, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
2002   “Malvern Meets Manhattan” The Tori Collection, Malvern

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