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Akio Takase

Sculptural Art Collections


Series I


Series II

Born in Niigata, Japan.  Graduated from Kanazawa Art Technology University, Majored in Education of Fine Art.  Earned Post Graduate Degree, Tokyo University of Arts.  Studied under Toshio Sawai.


In 1973, Partnered with Nobuo Sekine and Makoto Yoshida, Takase founded the Institute of Environmental ArtDesign, Tokyo, Japan.


In 1981, Established the Institute of Space Creative Art Design.


Major Solo Shows:

•       1965 Nikaten, Honorable Mention with Distinction

•       1966 Nikaten, Friend of Nikakai Prize

•       1969 Akiyama Art Gallery, Kanda, Tokyo, Japan

•       1970 Miyuki Art Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

•       1971 – 1972 Lumine Art Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

•       1977 Tokiwa Art Gallery, Kanda, Tokyo

•       1978 Art Gallery Seiho Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

•       1980, 2001,2005, 2007, & 2009 Art Gallery Te, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

•       2011 Art Gallery Ran, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


Major Works (Monuments, Towers and others):

Takase has designed and produced numerous sculptures as monuments and towers in public spaces.

•        “Peace Forest Park”, Ota Ward, Tokyo

•        Grand Oak Golf Country Club, Kobe

•        Minami Motomachi Park, Shinjuku, Tokyo

•        Harumi Island Toriton Square – Urban Tower


Artist Statement: About my art


My creations utilize tin plate and paper from used toys from the olden days.  The materials are disassembled andflattened, then combined with new materials such as wire, the result - a free standing object.  I want to emphasizethe “color” and keep the originality by instilling the essence of Japan, a feeling of Japonica.I try to introduce a variety of materials, including of course antiques, to create works with a fresh andcontemporary look.

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