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"Fantasy" acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 in

Nonnie Moore



  • Born in New York City.  

  • Graduate of Barnard College.

  • Studied painting with Leo Manso, and with Frank O'Cain,Larry Poons, and Knox Martin at The Art  Student League.  

  • Widely heralded in international fashion circles.

  • Former Fashion Editor of Harper's Bazaar,Mademoiselle, and Fashion Director of GQ.

Association with the fashion world has evoked a richness of color in the artist’s palette and imbued Nonnie with a sense for texture.  Like rustling swathes of fabric her brush strokes work to create compositions that swirl with grace and energy reflecting her own zest for life.  As a maestro’s magic with a musical score, Nonnie harnesses the energy, passion, and intensity of the individual elements to capture the motion of the moment within her  compositions.  The eye leads the mind in through a parade of the senses whether it be a walk along the seashore in the Hamptons or a show filled with flash lights in New York.

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