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Ina Belous

  • Born in Ukraine in 1960.

  • Graduated from the Academy of Art, Driepropetrovsk and was mentored by the renowned Professor Spiganovich.


Ina's work has received increasing attention in the USSR, while her career added a new dimension after moving to Israel in 1990.


Exhibited at fine and exquisite venues around the globe, receiving much worldwide attention.


With remarkable, evocative power, Ina Belous utilizes spontaneous, yet composed brushstrokes to convey her experience of reality. Her technique is acclaimed for its strength, harmony and explosive color, which is extremely unique and innovative. Though highly versatile, her distinctive style is particularly displayed in her floral depictions. Pulsating with life and color, Ina elicits the explosive potential that is latent in all that is alive. Her freshness and dynamism are boundless.  

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