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Sculptural Art - New Artists

Shinji Ohno

" I pursue this belief to create objects that explores the dimension as if to day dream"

Kazuhiko Tanaka

"I see a space where we all are living in beauty and poetry, though unaware of being one"

Akio Takase

"keep the originality by instilling the essence of Japan, a feeling of Japonica"

Painting - New Artists

Carlene Frances

" I strive to transcend technique, primarily using it as a tool to communicate spiritual insight.…"

Diana Delgado

"Reoccurring themes in the large-scale canvases are personal narrative, glam, fashion and the
embracing of frivolity."

Our Artists

Kathryn Hart

"A painting with heart should come from the gut, expose a piece of the artist in a very raw way"

Fine Art Photography