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"Les Fleurs - Lilies and Iris" by Ina Belous


THE TORI COLLECTION  exhibits publicly at cultural venues throughout the East Coast in the US.  

THE TORI COLLECTION  offers a full range of art consulting services to collectors for the acquisition and placement of art in both corporate and residential collections.  

We provide expert curatorial assistance to companies interested in the development and long-term maintenance of corporate collections, including installation design, inventory management, database creation, storage techniques, appraisal and restoration of artwork. 

The Collection is available for private viewing by appointment.


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Affordable and one-of-a-kind original art pieces perfect for a graduation, new home, wedding or baby shower gifts - check out here! 


presents a distinctive amalgam of original and limited edition artwork from around the world. Home to a select group of resident artists, the Collection represents internationally original works of leaders in their fields: Charles Furr in oil; Nonnie Moore in oil, acrylic, and watercolor;  Alexander Motyl and Makiko Nakamura in acrylic; Chie Otani in wax-resist textile.

In addition,

our exquisite portfolio of Japanese Prints  showcases the mastery of both contemporary and historic artists working across an array of expressive media.  Executed in woodblock, etching, silkscreen, mezzotint, and lithograph, the portfolio makes  THE TORI COLLECTION a unique source of rare and sought-after Japanese prints in Philadelphia and Manhattan.

Tomoko Torii, Curator, The Tori Collection
Tomoko Torii - Curator and Owner

Tomoko Torii pursued her education in the arts in Japan, Europe, and the United States. The daughter of three generations of classical music educators and art enthusiasts in Japan, Ms. Torii is internationally known for her myriad accomplishments in the areas of visual art, music, classical dance, and Ikebana. In1984, she was the first Japanese to coordinate and conduct a Kabuki workshop in English with Japan's leading Kabuki actor, Ishikawa Ennosuke III (Ishikawa Enjaku II).


In 1997, Ms. Torii was responsible for bringing forty masters of Ikebana to Philadelphia to participate in the annual Philadelphia Flower Show, and in 1999, she hosted 150 Japanese calligraphers of the Hokuri Academy in Japan to hold the first and largest calligraphy exhibition in the US by the professional calligraphy artists, at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia.  


Ms. Torii is a frequent speaker on Japanese art and culture. In 1999, she founded InterMusica, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural exchange through music and to music education for children and youth focusing on multicultural interests.  After serving the Japanese community in the region for 11 years as President, she continues to serve the community as President Emeritus of the Japanese Association of Greater Philadelphia.


She also served the boards of the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Opera Guild and the Women's Committee of the Mann Center for the Performing Arts. In 2012, Ms. Torii received ABC Channel 6 "Outstanding Community Service Award To Our Community And the Journalistic Excellence." In, 2014, she was awarded "Outstanding Individual Who Contributed Significantly To The Asian American Community."  



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