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"Bass, Breeze and Flutist "

Shinji Ohno

Born in Kawasaki City, Japan, Ohno spent his childhood until graduating from High School in Kofu City in Yamanashi Pref.  Graduated from Fine Arts Dept. of Nippon University, Tokyo, Japan.


In the early 70’s, he worked designing stage sets, retail spaces, and residential interior decor at Chuo PR and Planning Inc.  Late in the 70’s, he switched to another field specializing in planning and designing for food specialty stores and focused on the visual accessory designs for commercial spaces for over twenty five years.

Awards: JCD Grand Prix and others.

In 2002, he became independent and has been concentrating on his career as a solo artist. Ohno has been working in creating an effect called “layered pictures” utilizing flat planes crossing vertically creating a perspective of distance and space.

The Sculptural Expressions is Ohno’s first show in the United States.

Artist Statement: About my art -

I am attracted to stage art which provides a foundation of theater. From stage settings to props, back drops to stage curtains, cut outs to scenery drawings and many others. Their
obvious fake look appearance show they are created by the hands of a man engineered by low technology. Yet I believe curiously that this produces an interesting warmth and crafted beauty. I pursue this belief to create objects that explores the dimension as if to day dream.

The Japanese Kabuki term, “Sewaba” refers to an everyday scene repeated in a plot that has no relevance to the main theme of the play.  Depicting this interesting concept, also described and titled ‘Extremely everyday’- This world is sure to be more fun than heaven!  I create works of the present moment through the imagery of fascinating scenes.

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