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Alexander Motyl

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  • Born in New York City in 1953.  

  • Studied painting with Leon Goldin at Columbia University.   

  • Currently Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University.  

  • Author of numerous books and articles.  

  • Widely regarded expert on the subject of nationalism in Eastern Europe.


Tersely styled and quietly rendered, the evolving corpus of Alexander Motyl's work hovers between cityscape, still life, and figures.  Inspired by his reverence for the ordinary, Motyl's most representational work projects the prosaic features of urban architecture.  Personalized by the artist through a pictorial and symbolic focus, 

Windows align the artist's gaze with the viewer’s emotion.   In his most recent 
work, Motyl presents a series of angular, elongated nudes braced against starkly simplified landscapes. Through the meditative beauty of such figures, Motyl extends the mood of solitude and introspection of his earlier work.

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