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Dear Friends of The Collection,

It is with deepest sadness, I share the news that our beloved artist, Nonnie Moore passed away, on Thursday, February 19th. She was 87 years old.


Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Nonnie is a very special artist and a friend not only to our collection but to me personally.  It goes without saying that her achievement and reputation as a long standing fashion editor previous to establishing her career as a painter, was widely recognized internationally.  Expressions through her artwork present not only her sense of color and inspirations she had experienced in her life on the world stage of fashion but reflect a rich history of human relationships.  Persons who enjoyed such success often have a stronger demand for attention and privilege. Yet in person, she was always caring, kind, generous with her time, complimentary and appreciative for even the slightest things done for her.

Over the past ten years, my time spent with her was always full of laughter, to the point of girlish giggles, always accompanied with the words "would love to do that..."scheming to do things that are daring.  Of course these were very trivial things such as eating huge scoops of ice cream, large cups of hot chocolate and of course splashes of bold color on her canvas.  Nonnie always, even in her late seventies, dressed so stylishly (most naturally), and was generous with her praises to others.  We frequently lunched in town.  It was stimulating with brisk walks to the nearby restaurants followed by most interesting conversation about her art.  In summer, that turned into the strolls on the way to the beach in SH.  There are countless memories I will treasure for many months and years to come.

She will be terribly missed.



February 20, 2009


Tomoko Torii,




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